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Can I choose my delivery day and time?

Delivery time and date can be requested with any order made. On confirmation of the order customers will be notified if we are not able to meet the desired time, and in turn work to find an alternative delivery slot.


Do you offer next day delivery? 

All orders received are intended to be delivered the next day unless stated otherwise. 


What happens if my product is out stock? 


Our first action is to contact the customers and notify them of this stock issue and work to find a replacement, if this is unsuccessful then this will be removed from the invoice.


What areas do you deliver to?

We deliver to all areas inside the M25.


How can I be sure that your products are premium quality?


Our products are bought on the day of delivery to ensure that everything is fresh for delivery. We focus solely on buying premium fruit and vegetables for our customers, we believe the quality of our produce is at the core of our business policy. 


How can I order?


Orders can be made via telephone, text message and email. 


How often can I have a delivery? 


We deliver daily Monday to Saturday. 


Do you do same day delivery or second delivery? 


No, not really, although if it’s an emergency please call us and we’ll always do our best to facilitate your needs.


What happens if I want to change my delivery order?


If there is a case where customers need to swap or remove items from their order, we ask to be notified 24 hours beforehand and we will be able to to complete this request. 


What happens if the fruits or vegetables ordered are damaged upon arrival?


Fruit and vegetables can be delicate to handle so we aim to be careful and diligent when buying goods, we also check the delivery when it is made to customers to ensure the correct items have been dropped off, and there are no damages. Furthermore customers can record any damages by taking a picture and informing us no later than 48 hours after delivery to request a credit.

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