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The Story of Kismet

Welcome to Kismet Fruit and Vegetable Wholesale. We are a proud family business based in London with more than 20 years trading experience in the fresh fruit and vegetable sector.Our business has had successful growth over the years offering quality fruit and vegetables from around the world.


Our produce is bought fresh on a daily basis from New Covent Garden and Spitalfields market, as well as being directly sourced from European and UK farms. 


We started our business in a community based shop in the heart of South East London and since then have become more successful and grown to become less of a retailer to become a supplier.


In this time we have experience of supplying business from all cultures, working with businesses across a wide scale of independent high street cafes, restaurants, catering business, hotels and schools of all sizes. 


As the food industry is a forever evolving industry it is important for us as suppliers to use our experience and understanding of modern trends, to have the adaptability to meet all our customers needs. 


At Kismet we actively search on a daily basis to purchase only 1st class vegetables to ensure we acquire the finest fruit and vegetables for our customers. This empowers us to be confident in our supplied goods and allows the customers to trust our team of purveyors to deliver only the best. 

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